Baby Bedding Sets!

Uh-oh! I just heard the husband’s wallet wimper again. Yes. I’ve been online shopping once more and so what? You expect baby number three to sleep on old bedding or something? Not a chance. It would ruin the effect of the designer sleep suits…

Baby bedding sets are gorgeous. I love them. They’re miniature versions of our own lovely bedding and they conjure up images of being safe, warm and comfortable. At the moment I am looking for moses basket bedding. Yes, a temporary bed is necessary. We usually keep the moses basket downstairs for daytime sleeps, so moses basket bedding is very important. I can’t have visitors peering down and turning their noses up at my linen choices, now can I?

Baby bedding sets need to be plentiful. What I mean is that you need to buy lots. Honestly. A newborn baby can vomit quite a lot. Think about it. Therefore, nursery bedding sets need to be bought in bulk. I’ve seen so many gorgeous sets I just don’t know where to start. My favourites so far are

But I just can’t decide which I like best! Shall I just buy them all? Like I said, I need lots…

As for moses basket bedding: take a look at these sets

Again, shall I just get them all? I’ll tell the husband you said. After all, you agreed that nursery bedding is very very important..