Baby Christmas Outfits – Indulge Yourself (and baby!)

Baby Christmas Outfits

Baby Christmas Outfits

I wish my baby was due before Christmas, for so many wonderful reasons and one ever-so-slightly odd reason too. Firstly, I would like to point out that the best thing in the world ever is going to be holding my brand new baby in my arms for the first time. Next to that, spending Christmas with that baby would be so special – the perfect gift, if you like. When you consider that, is it really so wrong to also want my baby here so that I can splurge on some of the super cute baby Christmas outfits I keep seeing in the shops?

Please don’t judge me. I am able to wait another twelve months to actually dress my child in the clothes, so I suppose buying said baby Christmas outfits now isn’t so bad. They will just have to spend the next year wrapped up in carrier bags instead of on a little squidgy body *sniff*.

But seriously, have you seen some of the baby Christmas outfits that are out there? A friend recently told me that the sheer volume of cuteness was almost enough to make her broody again. Almost. It seems that baby boutique is big business at the moment and it’s easy to see why. Since the celebs started popping babies out left, right and centre, what a baby wears is vitally important. Or at least, it is depending on the circles you move in. And since I am no longer able to fit into anything that doesn’t resemble a two man tent, where’s the harm in a bit of pining for some seriously gorgeous Christmas outfits for my impending bundle of joy?

I think it’s the character themed sleep suits that started me off. Who could resist dressing their baby up as the sweetest Christmas pudding, or the cuddliest reindeer? The character themed sleep suits led the way for the more serious Christmas outfits. The beautiful princess dresses and the smart shirts with printed on ties for boys. Then there are the Christmas jumpers. Everyone should own a chunky patterned Christmas jumper, no matter what age they are. You have to admit that there are some fantastic baby Christmas outfits out there. Go on… it’s not just me, is it?

Maybe it is me. Maybe this pregnancy has, at last, stripped me of my last remaining grey cells after all. It’s just that I can see no wrong in lusting after baby boutique gloriousness. Baby Christmas outfits are the new Laboutins. It’s the new Versace dress. It’s the new obsession, more like. So, what do I do? Do I splash out on some fun baby Christmas outfits or not? Will they still make bibs that proclaim for all the world to see that ‘I am Mummy’s little pudding’ and sleep suits that announce to the world that this is my first Christmas? Will I even still want to dress my baby as Santa this time next year? You betcha!

Now, where did my husband leave his credit card?!

(p.s. – the little cutie in the picture is wearing a personalised Rudolf ‘Christmas Reindeer’ Rompersuit, available here)