Baby Headbands- yay or nay?

I’ve just realised that my best friend’s wedding is less than three months away. I’ve also realised that the baby will be just two months old, which has more than one consequence. Firstly, I have very little time in which to lose my baby weight. Secondly, I have as equally a short time to find a suitable wedding outfit for said baby!

Regular readers will know that I am more than a little obsessed with shopping for this baby. And now that Christmas is over and done with, the sales are beckoning me with a vengeance. So, this is the perfect time to shop for a baby wedding outfit, right? Only, we don’t know the gender…

I need to buy two outfits. That’s the only way. The thing is, I’ve kind of become convinced that I’m carrying a girl so I’ve been checking out loads of gorgeous little dresses lately. But it’s the wedding hair accessories that have me in a whirl. Especially the baby headbands. Ok, hear me out please!

There was a time when baby headbands were only worn by babies whose mothers had no taste whatsoever. I remember that time. They were hideous. But times have changed. Now, baby headbands are simply divine and yes- you guessed- I want some! There is absolutely no way this baby will be a boy. Honestly, it feels like a girl. So I should just go ahead and invest in some baby headbands, yes?

The husband isn’t convinced. He still believes that baby headbands are pointless (as most babies have no hair) and feels that my ongoing obsession with funky baby clothes is now reaching a fairly critical point. I don’t agree. Just google Baby Wedding Hair Accessories and you will see what I mean. There are some baby headbands out there that are, quite simply , must-haves- not luxuries.

Amazon have an amazing range of baby headbands. Honestly. I was looking for DVDs one minute, and gazing upon bejewelled beauty the next. Look at this crochet design, or this Tres Jlie Ribbon Black and Pink Baby Headband. Now tell me: baby headbands – yay or nay?

These baby headbands are reasons why the baby has to be a girl. If not, I will put them aside until the next one *cough*. The husband thinks that I have lost the plot, but he doesn’t understand how important it is to have a suitably beautiful wedding outfit, complete with wedding hair accessories. He also completely misses the point of developing a funky baby clothes wardrobe. These things simply cannot be left until the last minute, can they?