Baby Photo Albums

Baby Photo AlbumBaby Photo Albums

A friend recently asked me whether I wanted any baby photo albums as gifts for when the baby arrives. Imagine my horror when I realised that this was one whole area of shopping I had neglected to think about! So unlike me; it must be the hormones.

Upon further and immediate research, I can conclude that baby photo albums are an excellent idea and can actually make a really lovely unusual baby gift. I called my friend back and informed her that I would indeed be requiring said baby photo albums and that I would be sending her a list of my preferred choices ASAP. Luckily she knows me well and was actually relieved that she wouldn’t have to risk making the wrong choice herself!

Baby photo albums seem to be big business. Personalised photo albums are more and more popular these days, it seems. And no wonder. How gorgeous some of them are! This Personalised Ivory Mini Photo Album would make a wonderful Christening gift, don’t you think? And I love the idea behind this Tomy Discovery Photo Album; you add pictures of yourself and the family for the baby to look at! A baby photo album for the baby! Genius!

I love more unusual baby gifts; something that little bit different that makes people wonder where you got it. Know what I mean? So this Baby Photo Album went on the list, and so did this one I love the idea of a Grandmother’s brag book. And I know my mum would love it too. I might keep that one for Mother’s Day!

When I gave my friend the list, she told me that she had actually chosen a really lovely baby photo album herself after all. What the?! All that research for nothing, then? Aha! Oh, no dear readers. See, the husband is a keen photographer. I gave him the list instead and he has insisted in indulging me. See, it pays to shop obsessively sometimes!!