Baby Shower Ideas!

Baby Shower IdeasWell, nobody else is going to throw me a baby shower, so I thought I would take the matter into my own hands and throw my own! I’ve read that traditionally, the mum-to-be’s friends or close family host the shower and its intention is to impart wisdom and guidance for the upcoming birth… Well this is my third and I like to think I know what I’m doing by now. I am also impatient and as of yet, nobody seems to have cottoned on to the fact that I only have 12 weeks left and I am in need of letting my hair down!

In their defence (my lazy friends and family), I have spent much of the last six months or so either in hospital attached to a drip, or by the side of the toilet dry retching. It hasn’t been pleasant. All the more reason to throw a baby shower, yes? Or maybe they’re just afraid the guest of honour won’t make it?!

Baby showers tend to be an ‘American’ thing in my mind, so there isn’t much out there to help us virgins (don’t laugh. I mean baby shower virgins, of course) when it comes to planning this thing. So I need baby shower ideas. Like, for example, what kind of baby shower gift ideas are appropriate? Am I allowed to ask for champagne and pate and runny boiled eggs, or do all the gifts have to be for the baby? Am I even allowed to ask for baby shower gifts in the first place, let alone baby shower gift ideas?! And, do I have to give out baby shower favours? I mean, do I have to do party bags?

Apparently baby shower favours are where I can get a little creative. I’ve read about women who give out lottery tickets or photos taken during the baby shower itself. But that requires a lot of preparation, plus I can’t really be bothered snapping and printing and framing at my party. I guess that’s why people are supposed to throw baby showers in your honour.

So I’ve decided to collect as many baby shower ideas as I can, and pass them on to my nearest and dearest. Perhaps I shall slip a little note detailing some fabulous baby shower gift ideas into their pockets when they next come to visit. Perhaps they will reward me with some lovely bubble bath and some even more lovely baby clothes for the next little bundle. Or maybe I will leave brochures open at pages which depict baby shower favours and other little gems, oh-so-casually on the coffee table when they next come to listen to me moan about my varicose veins. That way, maybe they will take the hint and throw me my baby shower.

So, help me people. I need your baby shower ideas. I need your baby shower gift ideas. And, ok then- I also need your baby shower favour ideas too. But if my gifts are no good, then don’t expect me to fill the party bag too full. Plus, if they forget to organise a nice foot massage or something and instead, opt for ‘pin the nappy on the baby’ type games, I think I will go and stick my head down the loo. Hormonal, me? Never!