Funky baby clothes…I WANT!

Does anyone else have a fixation with baby designer clothes? Am I the only one to be pining over funky baby clothes? I have a new funky baby clothes obsession and it’s threatening to take over my life. You have to help me before I destroy my husband’s credit card – oh, and his apparently misguided trust in me…

You see, I told him that I didn’t need to buy any baby clothes this time around. I convinced him that seeing as I was so unable to throw away any of the clothes the other two had, I would recycle them all and the baby would never go without. Now, I haven’t exactly changed my mind, but I am having a rather different craving these days. I want some really funky baby clothes… and the stash in the loft isn’t doing it for me anymore.

We don’t know if we’re having a boy or a girl and I’ve been telling people that it’s ok, as we have both pink and blue clothes in the loft, so we’re sorted. But even as the words leave my mouth I find myself eyeing up the latest baby designer clothes that Victoria Beckham has been splashing out on. Or I catch a glimpse of cool baby clothes on the high street that just seem to be begging me to splash out. It’s getting bad now. I want cute dresses and leopard print rompers. I want designer baby clothes in party wear and beautiful organza print dresses. I want puffa jackets and sheepskin coats, mini Ugg boots and Juicy Couture shoes… I’m driving myself mad with it all.

We don’t have money to throw around, so surely there has to be another way of obtaining funky designer baby clothes- a phrase my husband is well and truly sick of hearing. Apparently funky baby clothes are a waste of time in the first three months, which is utter rubbish of course. This could be my last baby and I want it to be my best dressed baby!

This funky baby clothes obsession has become a little more intense with the on-set of Christmas. Let me explain. I’ve been doing a lot of online shopping. In between hospital stays (severe morning sickness, grr!) and increasingly painful back aches, Christmas shopping is not exactly filling me with seasonal joy lately. But who needs to trek the high street when there is so much online? Most of the presents have been bought. The only thing is, when you buy online, you browse online too. So I have been torturing myself with relentless images of the aforementioned baby designer clothes and other such things. And I want it all. I want to shop and shop and shop and have all the cool baby clothes that are out there, full stop. Like I said, I want funky baby clothes and I want them now.

So far, alexandalexa has me dribbling onto my laptop on a regular basis. I absolutely love their newborn collection. It is so lovely it makes me want to cry.  The occasion wear is also divine and, for me, fulfils all that I think funky baby clothes should be. I’ve also been drooling over nappyhead, which features so many cool baby clothes, including personalised t-shirts and the cutest ever twins collections, it almost makes me wish I were carrying two…

By far the most surprising of finds when it comes to the funky baby clothes obsession has come from Amazon. I honestly never knew you could buy cool baby clothes from Amazon, but it’s amazing what you can find when you’re Christmas shopping for books! Their selection is well worth checking out, believe me.

I don’t know when this funky baby clothes obsession will end. Either I will break, or the credit card will buckle and snap like the cheap piece of plastic it is. The fact of the matter remains that there are some simply gorgeous baby clothes out there and I am determined my baby will have a better wardrobe than me- it all looks so much better in miniature!