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Cheap Pushchairs

Cheap PushchairNow that the new baby has his/ her brand new chariot, the husband says it’s time to trade in the toddler’s wheels too. Imagine, the husband telling me to go shopping! Obviously, having already splashed out on a suitable baby travel system with a price tag to rival a Rolls Royce, he wants me to opt for a cheap pushchair (a cheap stroller, he calls it). He even approves of cheap travel systems, but would prefer a cheap pushchair. Did I happen to mention it has to be cheap?!

I’ve discovered that cheap pushchair does not need to mean shoddy pushchair. Oh yes, dear reader. I am capable of bagging a bargain. In fact, I love nothing more. So here goes. My guide to buying the ultimate cheap pushchair /cheap stroller/ cheap travel system.

  • Don’t be put off by brands you’ve never heard of. Just because you haven’t heard of them doesn’t mean they’re rubbish. They might be the height of good quality in Sweden or somewhere…
  • Consider your needs. The toddler only needs to be in his cheap pushchair now and then as he walks more often than not. We, therefore, need a cheap ‘run-around’. If you know you won’t be needing it every day, consider downsizing. It keeps the prices down.
  • Accept that you don’t need the latest in drink’s holders or temperature guages. Like I said, you may only be using it once in a while.
  • Remember that cheap stroller does not need to mean ‘fall-apart-after-first-use-stroller’. Check that the wheels are sturdy enough and if you’re not sure, move on. There are plenty of choices out there.
  • Do you want it to fold flat or fold like an umbrella? What size car boot do you have? Or will you be keeping it at home only?
  • Are you going to use it for the next baby? If so, cheap pushchair takes on a whole new meaning. Yes, get a cheap stroller or cheap travel system by all means- but don’t compromise with a model that won’t last. Make sure it is going to fulfil your needs.
  • Shop around. Often there are deals on that you can take advantage of
A good start is the Amazon Discount Finder on the right. Grab a cup of tea, get comfortable and have a browse around – you’re bound to find some bargains!
p.s. the cheap pushchair in the picture is here

Baby Photo Albums

Baby Photo AlbumBaby Photo Albums

A friend recently asked me whether I wanted any baby photo albums as gifts for when the baby arrives. Imagine my horror when I realised that this was one whole area of shopping I had neglected to think about! So unlike me; it must be the hormones.

Upon further and immediate research, I can conclude that baby photo albums are an excellent idea and can actually make a really lovely unusual baby gift. I called my friend back and informed her that I would indeed be requiring said baby photo albums and that I would be sending her a list of my preferred choices ASAP. Luckily she knows me well and was actually relieved that she wouldn’t have to risk making the wrong choice herself!

Baby photo albums seem to be big business. Personalised photo albums are more and more popular these days, it seems. And no wonder. How gorgeous some of them are! This Personalised Ivory Mini Photo Album would make a wonderful Christening gift, don’t you think? And I love the idea behind this Tomy Discovery Photo Album; you add pictures of yourself and the family for the baby to look at! A baby photo album for the baby! Genius!

I love more unusual baby gifts; something that little bit different that makes people wonder where you got it. Know what I mean? So this Baby Photo Album went on the list, and so did this one I love the idea of a Grandmother’s brag book. And I know my mum would love it too. I might keep that one for Mother’s Day!

When I gave my friend the list, she told me that she had actually chosen a really lovely baby photo album herself after all. What the?! All that research for nothing, then? Aha! Oh, no dear readers. See, the husband is a keen photographer. I gave him the list instead and he has insisted in indulging me. See, it pays to shop obsessively sometimes!!

Baby Development – Teaching baby to walk

Yes, yes- I’m at it again! More baby development. Can you tell what kind of books I’ve been reading lately?! This week I’ve been thinking about what exactly is involved in a key stage of baby development – teaching baby to walk. This has been a current hot topic as a friend of mine was recently bemoaning the fact that her 19 month old is yet to take her first steps. Both of mine were early walkers, taking their first tottering steps at just ten months old. My friend asked me for tips on teaching baby to walk, having been referred to the Children’s hospital.

Um, ok. I’m not sure how to teach baby to walk actually. Mine just kind of did it – sort of auto baby development! One day they were crawling, the next they were pulling up and then they were walking. My husband said they were preparing to move out of home but I know he’s only joking…

Hence the reading. Hence the increased interest in baby development. I have actually realised that there are a few things you can do to help. So here is my ultimate baby development guide in teaching baby to walk:

  • Line up chairs against a wall, with a coveted toy on the last chair; encourage your baby to walk along the line to get the toy. Tell yourself: my baby can get that toy! Stay positive and encourage her all the way.
  • Play baby Teaching Baby to Walkgames. Tell yourself: my baby can stand up and sit down with ease. Prove it! Play ring-a-ring-a-roses and similar games. This helps to improve posture and balance.
  • Blow some bubbles. Sounds simple but babies love bubbles and she will want to follow them instinctively.
  • Resist the urge to move the goal post. When you’re teaching baby to walk, she can become frustrated, more so if you play the carrot and donkey game. If you put a toy in a certain place, don’t move it as she gets close, in the hope that she will walk further. That’s just mean!
  • Hold hands! Mine used to love walking with us this way. Yes, it breaks your back but at least you can say: my baby can walk. And the more you believe that, the more your baby will too. Practise makes perfect after all.

I never told my friend that my husband and I used biscuits to help get our babies from one side of the room to the other. The books never mentioned that as a tried and tested technique…

The end is near

I can’t believe it. Last night I couldn’t sleep and so spent most of the night tossing and turning as much as a beached whale is able to. Its a slower process, sure, but it can still be done. Seems my husband couldn’t sleep either. He promised it had nothing to do with the fact that when I wasn’t turning over and causing the bed to lurch violently, I was either talking in my sleep or snoring. He’s good like that. No, he was awake for the same reason as me. We’re about to become parents again. I mean, we’ll always be parents. But we’re going to be new parents again. Parents to a newborn. Eeek!

How do you hold newborns again? How often do they wake? And what about nappies? How often do they fill them? I think I’ve forgotten everything!

We had a cup of tea to help calm our sudden nerves. There was no point going back to bed as we couldn’t sleep and there was only an hour until chaos would resume once more anyway. We spent that hour staring at each other in muted shock. I know you must be thinking that it’s a little late feeing like this. And you’re right. It’s just that we thought we had so much time. Now, suddenly, there is only 3 weeks left. And we have a lot to do in those three weeks. It won’t get done. I haven’t packed my hospital bag. I haven’t even shaved my legs in weeks, for goodness sake! It’s a two man job these days , and the husband keeps promising to help but he has the nursery to paint…

And, breathe. It will be fine.

Yes, the end is near. But that means the beginning of something else so special, doesn’t it? Yes, newborns are hard work, but they’re worth it. Aren’t they?!

Baby Bedding Sets!

Uh-oh! I just heard the husband’s wallet wimper again. Yes. I’ve been online shopping once more and so what? You expect baby number three to sleep on old bedding or something? Not a chance. It would ruin the effect of the designer sleep suits…

Baby bedding sets are gorgeous. I love them. They’re miniature versions of our own lovely bedding and they conjure up images of being safe, warm and comfortable. At the moment I am looking for moses basket bedding. Yes, a temporary bed is necessary. We usually keep the moses basket downstairs for daytime sleeps, so moses basket bedding is very important. I can’t have visitors peering down and turning their noses up at my linen choices, now can I?

Baby bedding sets need to be plentiful. What I mean is that you need to buy lots. Honestly. A newborn baby can vomit quite a lot. Think about it. Therefore, nursery bedding sets need to be bought in bulk. I’ve seen so many gorgeous sets I just don’t know where to start. My favourites so far are

But I just can’t decide which I like best! Shall I just buy them all? Like I said, I need lots…

As for moses basket bedding: take a look at these sets

Again, shall I just get them all? I’ll tell the husband you said. After all, you agreed that nursery bedding is very very important..