How do I get my child off to a good start in school?

Some useful tips on giving your child a good start in school – some of these should prove invaluable to you too!

By JOY BROOKE Kirkland Reporter Contributor September 13, 2012 · 8:54 AM Dear Mrs. Brooke, How do I get my child off to a good start in school? Thank you, Concerned Parent   Dear Concerned Parent, What a great question and one that many parents often wonder. As a parent with a child entering kindergarten this year I asked myself the same question. There are many things we can do as our child’s first and most important teacher to ease this back-to-school transition and set them up for school success. Below are some tips that I have recommended to parents of my students in the past and that I am already implementing in my own home with my son.

Before School Begins

Get doctor and dentist appointments out of the way if possible. It is of course understandable when an emergency takes place, but routine exams should be scheduled out of the school day. We know when kids are absent they miss things and many times the class experience is hard to make up no matter how hard teachers try.

Read all information that comes home thoroughly and visit the school website. Get all numbers and emails stored in your contacts now. As soon as school starts, even more information will be sent and you may be feel overloaded and miss out on valuable information.

Coordinate the school calendar with your own so you are aware of important dates such as early release days, holidays, winter and spring breaks, Conference days, etc. If you are aware you will be taking a vacation during the school year you may let the teacher know once school starts but always follow up two to three weeks prior and even a few days before as a reminder.


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