Baby bedding sets

When setting up our nursery, we thought it best to keep things simple. Not only did we want to keep our tight budget in check, but we also figured that since they’re babies for such a short time there isn’t much point going all-out with the redecorating. It’s lucky that we didn’t go too crazy buying things before our bubbies came along because we were absolutely overwhelmed with gifts from friends, family and even acquaintances and distant relatives. Of all the gifts that we received, the baby bedding sets were definitely among my favourites.

The Moses basket bedding and cot-sized nursery bedding sets that we were given really helped to personalize our nursery.  In fact, I was pleasantly surprised at how such a simple thing could give the room a warmer and more welcoming feel.

In setting up our kids’ sleeping area, our main concern was that the bedding met the safe sleeping recommendations for SIDS prevention. If anyone is considering buying some nursery bedding sets for themselves or as a gift, this issue is definitely something to keep in mind. Thankfully, the baby bedding sets we received were not only made from natural fibres as per the SIDS guidelines, they we also well-made and featured super-cute designs.

Another reason that I fell in love with our baby bedding sets, particularly the Moses basket bedding, is because of the adorable backdrop they provided to many baby photos. Looking back at photos of my oldest child Alisha, most of the photos we took of her as a newborn were of her asleep, looking ever so cosy on her beautiful linen. When I took out the Moses basket bedding in preparation for our recent arrival Sara, it brought back many of those wonderful memories of Alisha as a newborn. With Sara, I’ve again found myself taking an endless amount of photos of her snoozing away in her bassinette, with the gorgeous bedding providing an almost studio-like backdrop.

Despite our initial decision not to invest in any baby bedding sets because we didn’t think that we’d get much use out of them, I am grateful we ended up being given some because it turns out the opposite is true. Not only have our nursery bedding sets been put to good use since we’ve had two children, we’ve also gotten excellent mileage out of them because our cot converts into a toddler bed which requires this smaller-sized linen.

Having received such a wonderful gift, whenever I’m thinking about what little luxury I could give to any of my friends expecting a new bub, Moses basket bedding and cot-sized nursery bedding sets are always at the top of my list.