Baby Christmas Outfits

Baby Christmas outfits – we all swore we wouldn’t do it. Despite my love of Anne Geddes calendars, before having kids I never thought I’d be one to dress up my little ones in fancy dress for a photo opportunity or special occasion.  Then the silly season arrived and I caught my first glimpse of the most adorable baby Christmas outfits and just couldn’t resist.

I justified my about-face by blaming the grandparents. After all, they would be insistent that since baby’s first Christmas is a one-off occasion it should be celebrated with special Christmas outfits and photos to immortalise their cuteness.

During my first festive season visit to a baby boutique I was pleasantly surprised to discover the range of baby Christmas outfits available. Prior to this shopping expedition I had envisaged that Santa and Mrs Claus costumes would comprise the extent of Christmas outfits up for grabs. Instead I found an impressive array of baby Christmas outfits covering all ends of the spectrum from traditional formal outfits, casual wear as well as the sweetest costumes.

I was so happy with my discovery that I left the baby boutique with two Christmas outfits: a red, green and gold fairy Christmas outfit complete with wings for my daughter Alisha and a Santa’s helper elf suit for her 2 year old cousin Zander which came with shoe covers, a belt and a hat featuring pointy ears.

With the birth of our second daughter Sara in September, I was super excited to return to the same baby boutique again this year to see what baby Christmas outfits they had on offer. This year I bought Alisha, now 18 months old, a beautiful chocolate brown dress featuring flowing white ribbons and embroidered holly patches, which when topped with matching cap, resembles a Christmas pudding. I can’t wait for her to put it on!

I thought it would be easier shopping for a baby Christmas outfit for my 3-month-old a than it was for a toddler, but being spoiled with an over abundance of choices made it even more difficult, making it tempting to buy Sara two Christmas outfits despite the possibility it would land me in hot water with my husband! In the end I bought Sara a comfy but girly little romper in red and white with attached ruffled skirting and “My First Christmas” emblazoned on the front.  I also got her a beautiful baby headband (!) to wear with it.

Clearly, when it comes to baby Christmas outfits, I am a complete convert. In fact, I’ve decided to make them part of our annual Christmas tradition – well, for as long as my girls want to play dress-ups for anyway. If you’re not entirely convinced, just drop in and have a quick look around Amazon for some ideas and I assure you that these Christmas outfits will certainly raise a smile on Christmas Day!