Baby Christmas Presents

We all know how difficult it can be to come with Christmas gift ideas, especially when you’ve left your shopping to the last minute. It is also understandable that you’re having trouble finding the right baby Christmas presents if you don’t have kids of your own or if are just new to the parenting game.  If only it were as easy as typing “find me a gift for baby” into a search engine.

If you are buying baby Christmas presents for friends or family but are completely out of Christmas gift ideas, the surefire way to ensure your gift will by appreciated is by simply asking what they want or need for their child.  If you prefer your gift to remain a surprise, try asking other parents you know to suggest some Christmas gift ideas.

In the Christmas chaos I know my above advice will be lost on those who will probably be screaming at their computer screens, “Just find me a gift!” So for these individuals who have been searching fruitlessly for baby Christmas presents and want some great Christmas gift ideas handed to them on a platter, here a some suggestions from a mother of two bubs under 18 months:

  • Towels and bibs – parents have to do a horrendous amount of washing and these are the items that get the dirtiest and are used most often.  You can never have to many of either of these things.
  • Books – if you want something that will help nurture a growing mind and promote parent-child interaction you can’t go wrong with books.  Durable board books, touch and feel books and flip-flap books make great baby Christmas presents.
  • If you want to give toys for Christmas, give something that baby can grow into or get long-term use out of. Stuffed toys are cute, but they have a tendency to just sit around and collect dust.
  • As much joy as you may get from giving baby Christmas presents, realistically most babies won’t even remember them. If you really want to be helpful, consider the parents’ needs.  Giving store vouchers will allow parents to buy the things they really need for their family.
  • If you are low on cash but have some spare time on your hands, make up some “vouchers” for the new parents,  offering them your time as a baby-sitter which they can redeem when they feel like having a some time to themselves.