Baby headbands

Whether it is with baby headbands or funky baby clothes, having a baby girl (or girls in my case) allows mums to indulge their girly side. Baby girls give us a long-awaited excuse to revisit some of our fondest childhood memories of dollies, dress-ups, tea parties, fairytales and more.

Before becoming a mum I never really understood why some parents dressed their kids in funky baby clothes that resembled the latest adult trends, or put baby headbands with bows or flowers on their baby girls’ bald little heads. I wondered to myself why they just couldn’t let their kids be kids and leave the whole concept of fashion for their teenage years.

When we announced the births of our baby girls, we were inundated with gifts on both occasions – it turns out that while people like shopping for baby gifts in general, they LOVE shopping for baby girls’ clothes. We received all kinds of funky baby clothes, including little jeans, skirts and dresses. Some of the outfits also came with matching baby headbands.

After trying the different outfits on my girls Alisha and Sara, I immediately realised why so many parents dressed their kids up like little grown-ups: funky baby clothes and accessories like baby headbands, jewelry and sunglasses aren’t just super-cute and fun, they also help to highlight a baby’s personality.

I could see straight away how my eldest daughter Alisha suited jeans, sporty gear, bold colours and prints but didn’t look quite right in lace, frills and dresses.  Her funky outfits would look great topped off with printed elastic baby headbands or those with bright, chunky embellishments.  As I’ve seen Alisha’s personality unfold over the last year and a half, it turns out that she is in fact quite a sporty little tomboy.

The outfits that suited Alisha are completely out of place on Sara, who looks more at home in really girly tops, skirts and dresses in pink or white featuring cutesy things like bouquets and butterflies. Sara could also get away with wearing baby headbands that I’d never dream of putting on Alisha, such as those featuring bows, flowers, diamantes, lace or sequins.

It definitely is fun to dress your baby up in special clothes and accessories every now and then.  It’s a great way to show their unique personalities to the world as well as a surefire way bring big smiles to the faces of anyone who sees them.