Christening presents with an edge.

Being invited to a christening or baptism is an exciting prospect because it obviously means that you are an important person in the life of the baby being christened. One thing that can be a challenge is what to buy for the baby’s christening without it being duplicated by others or worse still, being totally pointless. The biggest problem is that christening presents need to be sentimental, more so than a birthday gift. They need to represent the special time in the child’s life. I found myself in a quandary when I got invited to the baptism of my friend’s baby. Apart from when I was a child myself, I had never been to a christening so was really unsure about what was considered to be an appropriate baptism gift. I decided to do my research before making my decision.

Finding unusual baby gifts is the key to buying something special and there are many places to find such gifts. On Nappyhead, you can find a variety of personalised gifts, making them something that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. You could create some Art or an item of clothing to represent the day, perhaps by putting the baby’s name and date of the christening on it.

Silver ornaments and frames make excellent christening presents because they are high quality and therefore extra special. They are also very difficult to break, meaning that they will last. How lovely would it be for the child to still have and treasure their baptism gifts when they are a teenager or even an adult? Silver gifts suitable for baptisms/christenings include: silver teething rings, a silver certificate holder, silver photo frames, silver baby cutlery and silver money boxes.

Amazon sell a variety of baptism gifts, including the silver presents. Unusual gifts I have seen include naming a star in the baby’s name. I think that this is such a beautiful gift because it is thoughtful, unique and very special. It is also something that they can take with them through life and a reminder that you are always there to support them. If the child isn’t a family member, then you may not feel compelled to buy such a personal gift. In this case, something such as a bracelet or special cup to mark the occasion might be appropriate.

As baptisms are religious events, bibles always make appropriate baptism gifts. There are some beautifully illustrated children’s bibles in various online shops. If you are looking for something more special, you can get bibles decorated with silver or gold leaf. Some online shops allow you to personalise your bible with the date of the christening and the baby’s name.

In the end, I decided to buy a bible because I thought that not many other people would want to buy something so traditional. I found one which had gorgeous illustrations in the hope that she will enjoy reading it in the future.