Joining a Mothers Group – it’s all about you

Joining a mums group is not about baby. No way. It is all about you: getting you out of the house, interacting with other adults and giving you an opportunity to vent with a bunch sisters in arms that are fighting the same battle you are. A sense of normality and sanity is what joining a mothers group can give you.

Being the first of my friends to have a baby and having moved to the other side of the country only a year before becoming a mum, I felt pretty isolated.  My community health nurse told me about a group starting up for new mums in my area so I decided to go along and see what it was all about.  I have never regretted it.

Despite the range of ages, ethnicities, professions, beliefs and life experiences of the 12 women in my new mums group, we all had a lot in common thanks to our bubs, who were born within 8 weeks of one another.  We found that we would be experiencing many of the same issues at the same time and could share tips and advice with one another on how we were dealing with our problems.

Being part of one of these groups is a great way to develop friendships with other new mums and gives you an avenue for gaining some reassurance. By sharing experiences with other new mums, you will find that your are not only dealing with a lot of the same baby issues but similar emotional, physical, social and financial issues as well.

If you wondering whether your baby is developing normally for their age, seeing how other babies of a similar age are coming along definitely gives you some piece of mind: another great reason to join a mothers group.  Having a bunch of bubs in one place also gives your baby an opportunity to socialise, which benefits their development.

It’s not all serious stuff though.  In fact, our group was quite informal, usually meeting in the park, café or someone’s home. We’d chat about everything from sleep deprivation, sore nipples and sex (or the lack of it) to how our husbands were getting on our nerves.  And, or course, no girly chat can ever exclude the subject of shopping.  Mums group was a great way to find out exactly what certain products were like from people who had tried them out for themselves such as modern cloth nappies, toys, books, teething rings, breast pumps, bottles, teats, lotions, sleeping bags, medications and more.

Mothers groups, parenting groups, baby playgroups – whatever you want to call them, if you are not part of one, you are truly missing out.