Baby Christmas Outfits.

Baby Christmas OutfitAs my baby is only going to be three months old at Christmas, I am finding it difficult to think of how I can involve her in the celebrations and festivities. Obviously she will be mesmerised by Christmas lights and the noise of wrapping paper but as for having Christmas fun, she is too young to understand. The best way of allowing my girl to join in with the festivities is to give her some special Christmas outfits.

This year, as I am on maternity leave, we don’t have lots of money to buy Christmas cards. Instead we have decided to make our own cards, with a picture of our baby inside. To make her look really festive, we have looked at different Christmas outfits. There are some great costumes around including: reindeer, elf and Santa. Although these do look cute, I want something a little more unique. I found a gorgeous red dress in a baby boutique which fits the bill. She looks so gorgeous in the dress and I have bought a little cardigan to match. To keep in with the Christmas theme, I have bought her a cute little head band with reindeer ears fastened on.

As Christmas is such a special occasion, I want to buy my girl some Christmas outfits that she can wear on the days surrounding Christmas day and the day itself of course. I have seen some baby Christmas outfits that are themed by colour e.g. red or silver. You can also buy baby tops and sleep suits which have Christmas characters embroidered onto them. On websites such as Nappyhead, I have seen some brilliant baby suits which can be personalised with silver writing. I have suggested these as gifts to some of our friends as they were unsure of what to buy for our baby girl.

I’ve decided to buy my girl some accessories to go in her stocking. I have found some gorgeous sparkly tights and have already bought her some musical Christmas bibs which she will just love. I know you could argue that all of these are only going to be suitable to wear during the Christmas period so could be a waste of money, but when your baby is at an age where they don’t really need many toys, baby Christmas outfits allow them to join in with the festivities.