Baby travel systems- what a brilliant invention!

When I was looking for a pram for my baby, I came across the all-in- one travel systems. To begin with, I was convinced that they had to be somewhat lacking in quality as they offered so many features. Once I did my research, I realised how wrong I was. I think they are just brilliant and am so glad I bought one! I am confident too that my travel system will last if we decide to have another baby in the near future.

The best thing about baby travel systems is the fact that they can change from a pram into a buggy and some can also convert into a booster seat for the car! Brilliant!  A baby travel system is certainly more expensive to buy initially but in the long run you will save money because they will last alot longer and perform lots of functions. My baby girl is two and a half months and is almost becoming too big to lie in her pram. If I didn’t have a baby travel system, I would now be faced with buying another one right at the time where I have the least money.

These days you can buy a range of all-in-one baby carriages in different styles and colours. Many include compartments to store your shopping and baby things, which can come in very handy! A lot of manufacturers have made baby travel systems really lightweight and easy to collapse. This is a marvellous invention for most mums because storing and carrying baby carriages can be a nightmare, especially if your car boot isn’t particularly big, as mine isn’t. When I was looking to buy a travel system, I wanted all of these things but I still wanted it to look like a traditional pram. I didn’t think I’d manage to find both, but I did. Now I have a beautiful traditional-looking baby travel system with all the perks of a modern one.

Baby carriages can be a nightmare to manoeuvre, especially around small shops. It is therefore really important to do your research before buying one. My pram system has front wheels which can make a full turn. Being lightweight too, it is brilliant at nipping around the shops. Another really handy feature for popping to the shop is how most baby travel systems allow you to attach your car seat to the top of the carriage body instead of the whole pram seat. I often do this if my baby girl is sleeping in her car seat and I don’t want to disturb her for the sake of half an hour in the shops. If the car seat you buy is the same make as your pram system, your car seat should fit easily. If you have bought a different make of car seat to your travel system, you can purchase adapters to make it fit. I had to do this with mine but the adapters hardly cost anything and are really easy to fit.

Most baby travel systems come with extras such as a rain cover. However, there are lots of other accessories you can buy. Some of these are universal to most prams. I bought a parasol for mine and some little clips to attach more shopping to. I was lucky enough that my system also came with a fleece sleeping bag which is perfect for the cold winter months.

I am so glad that I researched baby travel systems when looking for a pram because I literally don’t know what I’d do without mine. I am also really happy that it will last me a long time and that I don’t have to spend more money on a buggy.