I’m Pregnant…Can I have a Seat?

I’m happy to make the announcement, in the urban parenting blogosphere, that I’m pregnant with my second child! Not only am I pregnant, but I’m having a baby boy! I’m due between Christmas and New Years which means that by the beginning of 2013, I’ll have my perfect little pair…son and daughter.

It’s funny how your view of pregnancy changes once you actually become pregnant. Quite honestly, I didn’t even think about being pregnant until I hit 35.

I had this vision in my head that I would see the little “+” sign on the pregnancy stick and squeal for joy the way Liesl did in The Sound of Music when she receives her first kiss from Friedrich. It wasn’t quite that romantic and exciting.

While I was very happy, I was also a bit scared of the unexpected. And when I saw the “+” sign the second time around, I was again happy, but immediately wondering how I would take care of two little ones under the age of three.

The media also has a funny way of portraying pregnancy and pregnant women.

As soon as I found out I was having a baby, I thought I would be throwing up every hour, eating pickles and chocolate all day long and sleeping like a hibernating bear for months. I was lucky to not have much morning sickness, but quickly learned that while eating bonbons would be nice and completely feasible, I would not be able to do so unless I wanted to gain 80 pounds.

But I think what has been most shocking to me is the way pregnant women are treated by society. I know that other people have disabilities that require much more attention than my growing belly and swollen feet, but a tad more respect would be nice.[…]

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