Summer Infant Cushy Straps

Summer Infant Cushy Straps

Summer Infant Cushy Straps Rating:
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Product Description

Another great product from Kiddopotamus that will be great for the comfort of your child The cushy straps add not only the extra comfort for a child in a car seat, pushchair, etc but it also gives an extra layer of protections when those little accidents happen. Easy to attach onto straps just simply place them where you need them then Velcro them together. The cute little characters on them will provide extra enjoyment for your little ones through those long car journeys and walks. Product Contents- Front 100 polyester Filling 100 polyester Back 35 cotton 65 polyester


  • Soft, seat belt strap covers
  • Easily attaches to car seats and buggies
  • Easy to use
  • Extra padding to prevent irritation from standard, harsher seatbelts
  • Fun bear design adds to the cuteness

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