Mr Men Room Thermometer Height Chart for Baby and Child

Mr Men Room Thermometer Height Chart for Baby and Child

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Mr Men Height Chart Room thermometer from our new Mr Men (under licence) range of thermometers. The Height Chart/Room thermometer (10C - 40C) is printed on art paper, so as well as being a fun item, it will ensure that an infant's room is not dangerously too hot or uncomfortably too cold and are recommended by the FSID. Although the cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is not known. The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID) recommends that a child sleep in room temperatures between 61F (16C) to 68F (20C) with 65F (18C) being just right. Most adults find it difficult to judge room temperature and the FSID suggests the use of a simple room thermometer in rooms where your baby plays and sleeps, so we have combined the thermometer with a Height Chart. Place this Mr Men Height Chart/room thermometer on the wall near the baby's cot and you will always know if baby is sleeping in a room of the correct temperature. This is a liquid crystal thermometer (to avoid the dangers of Mercury) The colour green represents the Actual temperature and if green is showing then that is the correct temperature. The two other colours that show are blue which is just below Actual temperature and tan which is just above Actual temperature. So for example - if the only colours showing were blue and tan the temperature would be between the two. Also available: Mr Happy and Little Miss Sunshine Nursery room thermometers. Also Mr Tickle Bath thermometer. Note: Mr Men characters from the Mr Men books by Roger Hargreaves.


  • Height Chart Room thermometer for baby or child
  • Silk Art Paper. Dimensions 180mm x 900mm with 10°C - 40°C Thermometer.
  • Ensure baby or child is not dangerously hot or uncomfortably cold
  • Part of the Mr Men range of baby/child room and bath thermometers.
  • Produced under licence from Mr Men. Fun for Baby, Child or Adult!

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