Baby Headbands.

I love looking for funky baby clothes so that my little girl doesn’t look like a Mothercare clone. One thing I have recently discovered is baby headbands. I wanted to dress my girl in a special outfit for a couple of Christmas parties we were going to but didn’t want to go as far as a dressing up outfit. Instead, I bought her a beautiful red dress and matched it up with a Christmas headband. She looks adorable in the outfit, even if I say so myself and it’s really nice for her to join in with the festivities as she is too young to understand about Christmas yet.

Since buying my girl a baby headband, I have come across various styles of headband for different occasions. I think that they really make an outfit look that little bit more special. I have to admit that I’m not keen on my baby wearing baby headbands every day but they are great for a special occasion.

We have a couple of weddings coming up next year so I have already started to look at wedding hair accessories for my baby to wear. There are some gorgeous satin ones and you can also get some with a bit of sparkle! What pleases me the most is that they are not all pink! I can see myself buying the wedding hair accessories and then getting a dress to match, not the other way round!

I have to admit, that I do think that there is a fine line between baby headbands that make your baby look chavvy and something that is a little classier. I much prefer the idea of my baby wearing them for something special rather than just as part of her everyday clothing.