Baby Photo Albums

Baby photo albums are one gift you can guarantee will be a surefire winner with the new parents while remaining a loved and cherished item by the baby long into the future.

Any doting new parent can’t help but be absolutely shutter-happy – take my word for it.  My husband Dan and I received four large baby photo albums when our first child Alisha was born, all of which were overflowing by her first birthday.

Before our second baby Sara came along I was told by many younger siblings who’ve played second-fiddle to the first born in their respective families that parents never take as many photos of subsequent children as they do with their first. To some extent, this has so far proven to be true simply because I just don’t have as much time on my hands as I did when I only had one kid to look after.  Nonetheless, the baby photo albums we received when Sara was born are filling up pretty fast considering she’s only been with us for a few months.

But if the house was on fire and I was forced into choosing between which treasured memories to save, I would choose our girls’ baby record books over the baby photo albums hands down.  These baby books contain sections where you record memories in words and pictures of your pregnancy, birth and bub’s milestones for their first 1 to 5 years – they are basically like personalised photo albums and journals rolled into one.

I am so grateful to have received a baby record book when Alisha was born. Before this, I had never even heard of these books, having no extended family myself and being the first of my friends to have a baby.  When I found out we were expecting Sara, her baby book was one of the first things I made sure we had for her arrival.

Baby photo albums and baby record books do make fantastic gifts, but are also quite common as far as presents go.  If unique, unusual baby gifts are more your style or if you are simply looking to give something extra special to commemorate baby’s arrival, personalised photo albums could be exactly what you are looking for.

Several kinds of different personalised photo albums are available.  You could get crafty and customise an album or scrapbook to give to the new parents yourself.  There are albums that allow a photo of the baby to be inserted into the front cover, giving the book a personal feel.  Some of these cover-insert type albums are metal-plated, allowing for engraving of a personal message.  There are also companies that specialise in creating fully personalised photo albums.  They can produce an album with unique cover graphics and text as well as customised internal and external colour and design schemes.

Whether its baby photo albums, record books or personalised photo albums, you can be sure that giving a gift which will help preserve much-loved memories of baby’s first years will be genuinely appreciated for many years to come.