Christening Presents Guide

If you’ve received an invitation to a baby’s baptism, gifts are probably one of the first things you will start considering. In Christianity, baptism signifies a child’s entry into the faith.  As a religious event, christening presents should be of a commemorative nature, an heirloom or meaningful gift worthy of the occasion’s importance.

If you are unsure about what you should buy a baby for their baptism, gifts below will be definite winners in terms of etiquette and meaningfulness.


Commemorative Christening Presents

Traditional baptism gifts are those that commemorate the once in a lifetime event.  There are several options in this regard, both religious and non-religious.  Look for photo albums, frames, certificate holders and cups in silver or porcelain that are embossed, engraved or in some other way feature words and symbols specific to the occasion such as a crucifix or the words “My Baptism”.

Jewelry is another great option.  Choose a bracelet or pendant featuring a religious icon such as Christ or the Virgin Mary, or get an item such as a bangle engraved to mark the child’s baptism.


Heirlooms and Keepsakes

Items that the child will cherish throughout their lifetime also make excellent Christening presents.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Tooth and curl boxes – these are a keepsake for baby’s first tooth and lock of hair.  They come in many different shapes and sizes and are generally finished in pewter or silver.
  • Musical keepsakes – classically styled music boxes, musical snow globes and carousels make beautiful ornaments and are great baptism gifts.
  • Special Boxes like money boxes (piggy banks) and jewelry boxes are useful Christening presents that will last a lifetime.
  • Silver rattles make a great heirloom and can be engraved to mark special occasion of a child’s Christening.
  • Silver-plated comb, brush and mirror sets are a long-lasting gift that will get years of use.  These too can be engraved to personalise the gift.
  • Other traditional gifts that are fantastic heirlooms to give as christening presents are silver-plated cup, bowl and egg-holder sets or cutlery sets.
  • Although toys are generally considered inappropriate as baptism gifts, old-fashioned toys that have an heirloom quality are suitable christening presents.  Examples include a rocking horse, jack in the box, xylophone, porcelain doll or embroidered teddy.
  • For something more modern and useful with keepsake value, give an embroidered or handmade baby blanket, bib or quilt made of a fine or high quality fabric.


Monetary Gifts

In recognition of the costs a new baby brings, money has long been considered an appropriate gift for a baptism.  Some families may request that no gifts or money be given for their baby’s christening, in which case if you would still like to give to mark the occasion make a donation to the church or charity in the child’s name instead.