Christening Presents!

Is it too early to start planning the Christening? No? Oh, goody! Ever the obsessive shopper, I have started to look into ways to help other people part with their cash too. Isn’t that kind of me?! Yep, I may have even started a teeny-tiny Baptism gifts list to help out friends and family who may be wondering what on earth is left to buy for this poor baby.

Is this just another extension to my current baby shopping obsession? Most certainly, yes! Is it bad? Hell, no! I think it’s important to plan these things well in advance and in my opinion, Christening presents lists are no different from wedding lists. Nobody tells the bride to be that her polite requests are out of order, do they? And surely a silver money box is a lot handier than a flimsy salad spinner anyway?

Once again, the husband and I are at logger heads over this one. He knows there will be a christening, he just doesn’t think it is appropriate to be specifying gifts. What do you think? Wouldn’t you rather you- I mean, your baby- received a pile of useful and thoughtful Baptism gifts, rather than some of the slightly more off the wall, or unusual baby gifts that are out there? Or maybe unusual bay gifts are your thing? Maybe a china pot to designed to store the baby’s first tooth is not your thing. Isn’t is best to let people know?

I would appreciate advice on Christening presents if I had been invited to attend one. Especially if I was attending the christening of one of my children. That’s my logic, and I’m sticking to it. So, on with the list!

What are your must-haves for Christening presents? What unusual baby gifts have really made your day? And what gifts would you really rather do without? I need to know! So far, I have earmarked the following: My Life Story diary, which is a beautiful book you fill in throughout the baby’s life. I imagine presenting this on his/her 18th birthday to the tune of grateful tears…; My First Year photo frame; a beautiful sterling silver Guardian Angel and this magical baby hand or foot casting kit. These are all things that are on the list but I want more! There are so many fantastic Christening presents out there, shouldn’t my friends and family know about them?!