Educational toys for ages 6-12 months.

Over the Christmas period and in the January sales, I am looking to buy my baby educational toys which she can use when she is a bit older. I have also asked my family and friends to buy her some educational toys for Christmas.

My sister has bought my little girl some finger puppets and a matching book for Christmas. She found the book on Amazon and there are lots of books and puppets with different themes so I can build up a collection. I knew that my baby would like them because she loves me putting on funny voices when we play with her soft toys. She is much more aware of her hands now so will love to reach out and try to grab the finger puppets. I think that finger puppets are a great way of making stories much more fun as well as developing a child’s imagination from an early age.

I am really looking forward to my baby playing with moving toys. At the moment she is grabbing at toys and playing with them whilst she holds them but once she is able to sit on her own on the floor, I think she will be fascinated by toys which move. They will be great for developing her understanding of how things move when you push them. It should also help with her spatial awareness as she sees them getting stuck when they bump into things. Not only that, I am hoping that she will learn to crawl by wanting to try and chase the toys around.

As my baby girls reaches about 10 months,I can imagine her beginning to pull herself onto her feet and wanting to stand up. I am hoping to help her walking development by buying her toys which she can prop herself up against. I have read that it’s a lot safer to teach your child to walk using toys which are stationary rather than by using baby walkers as these are more suitable for when they are more confident at walking.

A great educational toy for babies from about 1 year right up until they start school is building blocks. Not only are they brilliant fun, they are also excellent for developing all sorts of skills and scientific awareness. Building blocks are often associated with boys’ play, but I want my girl to develop really good spatial awareness (as I have none!) and I think building blocks are the way to go!