Life with Baby – Working from Home

As I try and come with ideas for my next writing assignment, baby is trying to climb up my leg and grab the computer – that’s where the underline comes from. He got his hand on the control KEY! Oops – he got the caps key as well.
He is supposed to be at his babysitter’s today. Three hours, three days a week, to give me a chance to work in peace. There are wonderful things about being a work at home mom – lack of distraction and ability to concentrate ain’t in there. My older two I can say ‘Ok, I’m working now, you need to entertain yourself for a few hours.’ This one? Nope, not happening.
But . . . he is so happy this morning (the italics was actually me), and smiling and cuddling and playing, and while he is generally a happy baby, he was horribly fussy yesterday. And I just couldn’t bear the idea of taking him to the babysitter, rather than keeping him with me, and cuddling and playing and enjoying happy baby time.
Apparently the keyboard is no longer interesting. I don’t know if I’m relieved or disappointed. Now he is practicing blowing razberries and investigating a Highlights magazine the older kids left out.
I foresee much fun and insanity today. Hopefully I’ll actually get some work done. If I don’t, my earliest deadline isn’t until next week, and I’ll get lots of happy baby time.
He’s getting his feet under him, trying to push up. Yesterday his physical therapist was qhere – there he goes for the keys again! She said that he is trying to skip crawling and start walking, but he won’t be able to do that until he has the balance to sit up on his own. So he needs lots of practice sitting this week.
He found his ball. He’s got the magazine in one hand, and the ball in the other and is ‘talking’ to himself. Excuse me, I’m going to take advantage of his distraction to do a bit of research – back in a bit!

15 minutes later – I got a bit of work done, than he decided to try to eat my foot. Since I just took a shower, I actually debated letting him use me for a chew toy – the foot’s clean, and I don’t have athlete’s foot or anything. But . . . better safe than sorry.
So, now he is sitting in my lap, watching me type this and chewing on a board book instead. My funny little fuss-butt.