Toys – Quality is Better than Quantity

I have always believed that kids don’t need a lot of toys and I feel this even more strongly following my recent experience over Christmas.  With a new baby and a toddler in the family, the number of baby Christmas presents we received was outrageous. We’re talking about so many baby Christmas presents that when I drove away from our Christmas family gathering I could not see out of the back window of my SUV.

We received a countless number of cuddly toys and cheap gimmicky gadgets that have proven to be completely uninteresting to both our girls and will do nothing other than gather dust in their bedrooms.  Alongside lacking any genuine entertainment value, of all the baby Christmas presents we received, only a handful will positively contribute to either of our children’s learning or development.

Kids learn through play, so having the right kinds of toys can enhance their experiences and skills.  Fisher Price, Lamaze and VTech are just some of the many manufacturers of fantastic educational toys made especially for babies and toddlers.  These makers conduct extensive research and testing to find out exactly what makes babies tick.

Their products are designed to stimulate the senses my introducing exciting colours, sounds and textures.  Educational toys also help babies to develop an understanding of concepts including object permanence and cause and effect, as well as encouraging physical development by motivating them to crawl, sit or walk while playing.  These toys are also designed to attract kids’ interest – after all, nothing is worse than buying a toy that your child doesn’t want to play with.

More emphasis should be placed on the quality of gifts you give a child  than quantity. It’s far better for them to have half a dozen or so really good toys than a toy box full junk. So, if you are going to spend money on baby Christmas presents, birthday gifts or baby shower presents and you want to buy something for bub to play with, choose educational toys rather than dolls or stuffed animals that look pretty but don’t really do anything for them.  Besides educational toys, clothes and books are the only other things that you can ensure will benefit the baby who will be receiving your gift.

When it comes to the amount of toys a child has, more is definitely less. When they have too many toys, they get over stimulated and are never challenged to use their imagination.  And, at the end of the day you can buy your kids all the toys in the world, be they educational toys or otherwise, but it is still no substitute to spending quality time with them…. Would someone mind explaining that to my relatives for me before next Christmas?