What’s Happened to the Babysitter?

I suppose it’s silly of me to call the babysitter every day to make sure that we are good for her to watch baby, but when she has three kids of her own, a sick friend she pinch hits for, and a bunch else going on in her life, well, it just seems courteous to make sure everything is ok – and it saves me time because if there are problems, I know before I show up at her door.

Today, she didn’t answer, and she isn’t returning my call. Which is really fricking frustrating. I’d kind of like to know what is going on. I can be adaptable and change plans – especially when baby is having a good day and hasn’t been particularly fussy and difficult, it is possible for me to work around him, even if I won’t get quite as much done as usual.

But it’s really frustrating to not be sure if I should get started on my work, because she may call in 5 minutes, interrupting my train of thought. It’s a fact; I don’t deal well with interruptions. It is one reason why I have a babysitter in the first place – because interrupting myself constantly to deal with fussy baby really messes with my work.

So please, call me, let me know is going on – should I bring him down or not? Maybe something is wrong and she can’t take him today, that’s fine. If it works for her, we can swap today for Friday. Not a problem.

At the moment, I’m still annoyed with the whole thing. If I don’t hear from her in the next half hour or so, I’ll start getting worried. Cell phones and instant connection are like that. I remember when I was little no one thought anything of it, if it took you a full day to call them back. These days, mom gets frantic if I don’t call her back within 10 minutes.

So I should probably stop fretting about the babysitter – she’ll call when she can and tell me what’s going on.

In the meantime, baby is getting tired, nap time. I’m rocking him to sleep in his car seat (no we don’t have a swing, but this works quite well, takes up less space and doesn’t cost anything more than we had to spend anyway). Keyboard balanced on my lap, musical box stuffy playing its tune. Looks like he’ll be out in the next 3 or 4 minutes, after which I’ll have half an hour or so do work uninterrupted, while he sleeps.

Unless the phone rings, of course.