Baby Shower Ideas – Baby Shower Cupcakes to Nappy Cakes!!

What exactly is a Baby Shower?
Traditionally, relatives or close friends of a mum-to-be held baby showers so that other mums could quite literally ‘shower’ the woman in question with advice, guidance and gifts in the run up to the baby’s birth. These days, the sentiment is the same, but the events are becoming a little more informal and a lot more fun. This is why more people are searching for bigger and better baby shower ideas as the ultimate way to celebrate the arrival of a loved one. In the states, baby shower ideas are never-ending and it looks as though the trend is set to continue here in the UK.

Baby Shower Gift Ideas
Sometimes events are organised around certain themes, which makes the whole issue of baby shower gift ideas a little easier to negotiate. Many pregnant women report that they enjoy receiving gifts such as fine toiletries or pampering sessions- something which allows them to indulge in themselves for an evening. Other women may prefer more practical gifts, such as nappies, wipes and other baby essentials. If in doubt, buy a little something for both mum and baby. Some more creative baby shower gift ideas include:

• Baby Shower Cupcakes.  Why not bake some cupcakes for your baby shower?  These are a delicious way to add some fun to the proceedings and they can easily be decorated in a theme, e.g. the obvious pink/blue options depending on the sex of the baby or something related to the parents’ interests or other members of the family.  Baby Shower cupcakes have a unique personal touch and there are plenty of decorations and recipe suggestions available (Cupcakes on Amazon)
• A nappy cake. This is literally a large-scale model of a cake, made entirely from nappies. It can look really impressive and at the end of the party, the mum-to-be has a really useful present.
• Mother and baby hampers. Quite simply, fill a wicker basket or similar with everyday essentials for mother and baby. Nappies, wipes, magazines, chocolates and a teddy bear makes a lovely baby shower gift.
• Mother and baby photography sessions. Many companies specialise in ‘bump to newborn’ photography and this can be such a wonderful momento.
• Newborn baby hand/foot casts. This is another way to create a lasting memory of those tiny hands and feet and something the mother will treasure forever.

How can I organise a Baby Shower?
If you’re organising a baby shower for the first time, chances are that you’re feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment. There are plenty of companies, however, who are ready and willing to help, should you feel you need it. Alternatively, you might want to take the plunge and set up the entire event yourself- which gives you much more freedom in controlling the size of the gathering.

It’s a good idea to read up on as many different baby shower ideas as you can, to get an overall view of the typical format. Many baby showers rely on a theme, such as colours (for example, if the baby’s gender is known) or well known children’s stories and poems. Once the theme has been decided, decorations and food can be selected more easily and guests can be informed- this is always appreciated as it makes choosing between baby shower gift ideas a little easier.

What happens at a Baby Shower?
When you have the theme, decorations, food and gift ideas sorted, you’ll need to start thinking about activities and baby shower favours. It’s a lovely idea to keep guests entertained as much as you can as the emphasis is on making the baby shower as fun as possible. Also, don’t forget that alcohol is probably going to be the last thing that the mum-to-be wants to see at her baby shower, so games and activities are a really good way to break the ice. You might want to host a parenting/ baby quiz with prizes, indulge in some pampering sessions such as massages or manicures, or set fun challenges to see who can change a nappy in the fastest time. Ultimately, you need to remember that whatever activities you choose, the person you are throwing the baby shower for has to feel comfortable with it all.

Baby Shower Favours
If you’ve decided upon a theme, baby shower favours will be a little easier to choose. If your theme is pink, for a girl, then fill a small bag or box with a variety of pink items- such as bath foam, a scented candle and some notepaper. Baby shower favours needn’t be expensive- the idea is to simply present guests with a small token of appreciation for their attendance. Other ideas for baby shower favours include small pieces of costume jewellery, decorated cupcakes or even hastily printed and framed photographs taken during the event. It’s also a nice idea to have a memory book circulating throughout the baby shower so that guests can record their best wishes for the mum-to-be and share advice etc.

Finally, don’t forget to ask for help if you need it. A baby shower is supposed to be fun, not lots of hard work. Many of the guests will be more than happy to help and more often than not, the mum-to-be herself will have some ideas of how she wants the event to unfold. If you’re struggling with baby shower ideas, ask the guests for their input too. Baby showers are traditionally a community event, so it makes sense to put a few heads together to make the night a great success!